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John O'Reilly Master Butcher - Special offers

Spring Lamb Special

Full Leg - €35
Side of lamb - cut to order -- ONLY -- €75 - While stocks last.

Rib Steak Mince - €9.50/Kg.

Mount Merrion Community Centre

Call the centre about any activity you are interested in.
Baby Massage, After School Centre, Post-Natal Pilates, Play Group, Speech & Drama, Musical Theatre, Singing, Modern Dance. Ballet for Boys & Girls,Little Kickers, Maths Tuition, French & Spanish, Taekwon Do, Irish Dancing

John O'Reilly Master Butcher - Special offers

Roast loin of pork now €11.00/Kg.
Pork chops now €9.60/Kg.

Union Cafe

Enjoy a delicious midday bowl of soup on the covered and heated sun deck.
Free Draw results Winners, 1st- Frank McDonnell, 2nd- C. Gillespie, 3rd- Teresa Collins, 4th- Maria Hudson, 5th- Brigid Kidiham

Many thanks to John O'Reilly butchers for these great prizes, given away in their in store draw. Thank you for entering the dray and for your loyal custom.

Free Draw

FREE DRAW. Back to school giveaway

Mount Merrion Community Centre

New activities added to our long list every day. We now have a very exciting course of Parent and Baby music classes. Introduce your child to the wonder of music at an early age for maximum benifit.
Kostas is back with his superb course in Photography for all ages. Explaining the techniques of the professionals. You will also be given a view of the history and development of photography from the beginning to the present and future digital technology. Learn how to master all elements of photography. This is your chance to learn from a master of the art.

Union Café & Deli is now offering Coffee and snacks throughout the day on Deerpark Rd., Mount merrion. Really nice treats and things to eat inside or on the sun deck or at the monster screen. Right beside the park and childrens play ground.

Union Café is now offering THE WHITE ROOM for your events. This facility offers, Fantastic views, State of the art media system and a refreshing interior. Talk to our staff to view this new offering.

Think of Saturday morning in Deerpark. Exercise the kids at "Little Kickers" in Mount Merrion Community Centre followed by a very pleasant and refreshing walk in the park enjoying the views of mountains to the west and Dublin bay to the east, in this environment you can expect the cleanest of air, then have a coffee on the sun deck of Union Café. Let the kids enjoy the playground for a while, then pop back in to Union Café for Lunch (Menus) or watch some spoirts in Kennedys on the many screens inside or on the GIANT screen outside.


You may now enjoy some of John O'Reilly's exceptionally good locally sourced Steaks prepared to perfection in Union Café beside Kennedys Sports Bar on Deerpark Rd.

Community centre

Lots of new activities in the Mount Merrion Community Centre

A very important and perhaps overlooked activity is the Cardiac Physiotherapy Heart 2 Heart New fitness and well being classes. Including all the usual physical exercise rejimes as well as new photography classes for all levels, presented by Kostas who has a Masters in fine art(photography and digital media).
Also a course in singing which can bring out the best in you and uncover some hidden talents. You will gain in confidence which can help in all aspects of physical, emotional and spiritual well being. This course is presented by Joanne who is a classically trained singer with a masters in performance specialising in voice. These two courses start on April 18th.

Deerpark is fast becoming a really great place to eat.

With the number of local businesses wishing to look after us, growing daily. Take a look at all that is on offer here, with free parking.


Gone but not forgotten, The newcomer Kennedy's now serving in the same location, with the same comforting atmosphere, plus some improvements.
Appart from the bar, we now have the very lavishly presented Union Café.

I had some very nice coffees and a very tasty meal. Prepared and served to perfection by very friendly helpful professional staff.
It seemed to me that many of the staff were locals. I was delighted to see the support for local employment by this home grown company, something which I feel strongly about; we must support local business and as a consequence support local employment. and in this way we make a stronger local economy and make our community a better places in which to live.
The food here is definitely worth trying. Drop in to see what's on offer or view the menu here

Maths Tuition Mount Merrion Community Centre.

John O’Reilly butchers

Top quality Meat and Fish from your local master butcher.
01 2889949

We have some tasty offers at the moment:
  • New Season Leg of Lamb ONLY €39 while stocks last
  • Buy 4 Burgers and Get 4 FREE.
  • 35% off Loin of Lamb Chops.
  • Corned beef half price.
  • 5 Chicken breasts €6.
  • Delicious Sirloin steak - 30% off.
  • Side of lamb €68 fresh or frozen, cut to order.
Take a look around John O'Reilly butchers shop

We also supply local restaurants and can take care of your catering needs.

Little kickers continues to delight and exercise little children and their parants on saturday morning in Mount Merrion community centre

Mount Merrion Pharmacy

We are happy to deliver prescriptions locally if requested and we are always available to offer advice. As always there are many gift items and medical aids available in store.

Mount Merrion Community Centre

The centre has many rooms available for use by the community at very reasonable cost. The rooms are suitable for private and corporate events. See our webs page for a full list of activities in the centre.


In common with many suburbs in the greater Dublin area there has been a marked increase in incidents of crime against both the property and person of residents of Mount Merrion in recent years. Such incidents include successful and attempted break-ins to property, theft of property, car keys and cars, theft of transportable property from garages and sheds, damage to property and assaults/muggings on residents, especially those returning from shopping or banking. Perpetrators of these crimes are essentially looking for cash and easily disposable items such as jewellry or small electronic goods.

The Gardai request that residents take sensible security precautions, especially in the evenings and at night. An area that is a cause for serious concern for residents is the proliferation in the numbers of unlicensed and unsolicited providers and vendors of services. These include:

  • Repairers of Roofs, Gutters, Facia Boards, Soffits
  • Menders of Chimneys
  • Tarmac, Pathway and Paving contractors
  • Hedge and Garden specialists
  • Waste disposal merchants
  • External painting contractors.

Of course there are numerous totally legitimate providers of these services but they are more willing to leave a business card and/or brochure of their service and do not demand an immediate response because 'we are working in the locality'. Garda advice --- '˜Do not buy any service at the door'. If in doubt or feel intimidated or pressurized call the Gardai in Blackrock 6665200. They will be happy to check out the background and validity of the caller.

At this time of year many households are visited by youngsters requesting sponsorship to raise money for a school, club or suchlike. Again there are a smattering of bogus callers involved and all requests/callers. should be supported by IDs or school headed letters. If in doubt please contact the School or Club or Charity before parting with your cash.

Over the past twelve months the MMRA together with the Gardai and DLR Co.Co. has looked at various ways of reducing or hopefully eliminating activities that effect the safety and security of residents. Research has shown that the Muintir na Tire sponsored 'Community Alert' scheme which is operational in hundreds of rural and urban areas around the country was the most suitable and least intrusive scheme for an area such as Mount Merrion.

So, it has been decided to erect a number of 'Community Alert' signs at each pedestrian and vehicle entrance to the Demesne. The Gardai will monitor their effectiveness at reducing/eliminating unwanted Visitors but the signs are there to raise awareness among residents also. Self-adhesive Door/Window stickers bearing security tips are enclosed with this notice, please affix the sticker to the front door/window. The Gardai recommend that the activities of any suspicious vehicles and/or persons should be reported to them at 6665200. They will take appropriate action.

Finally keep an eye on your senior neighbours, check on them regularly, and see if they need anything. Be security conscious, be safe and be happy.
Mount Merrion Residents Association.

Martha's Mini-Jam, Parent and Child Music Classes

Heart 2 Heart
Heart 2 Heart Physiotherapy
Bokwa Fitness Phone 01 2131200 bokwa-fitnessBokwa Fitness Website Language classes Science for kids

Summer sports for kids

Lego Mount Merrion after school centre Phone 087 9838003 Mount Merrion After School Centre
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