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Manager: Mary Flynn

Phone 01 2884485.

Mount Merrion Parish of St. Thérèse

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Childrens Activities, Baby Massage, After School Centre, Post-Natal Pilates, Play Group, Speech & Drama, Musical Theatre, Singing, Modern Dance, Ballet for Boys & Girls
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  • Many rooms of various sizes available including full sized sports hall. Organise your event, Private party or meeting here and enjoy this warm, pleasant, modern building. View rooms
  • Free WiFi available in all rooms on request.
  • Free parking.

NEW Activities in centre starting September 2019.
Please phone for details, 01 2884485

Drop in for a chat any time. Tea and coffee available throughout most of the day.
Mount Merrion Community Centre Activities from September 2019
Active Retired - Art/Crafts/Cards TUE PM Centre Office 01 2884485
After School Centre MON - FRI PM E. Leary 087 9838003
Art - Patrick McAllister TUE & FRI AM P. McAllister 087 1335376
Baby Massage THU AM Alex Nolan 086 1902192
Badminton THU AM Una Clarke 087 6183348
Ballet MON PM Karen Wignall 086 6074684
Bridge - J. O'Keefe MON - WED AM J. O'Keefe 01 2800917
Bridge Club Deerpark MON EVE M Drew 086 2343992
Bridge club (Active Retired) THU PM E O'Kane 01 2886476
Bridge Club (St. Therese) WED EVE Phyllis Troy 01 2056919
Bridge Class (V. O'Keefe) TUE WED AM Vanessa O'Keefe 087 2866579
Bridge (classes) TUE WED THU FRI PM Thomas McCormac 086 3859953
Cardiac Physiotherapy MON EVE Karen Craddock 085 2275337
Chess THU PM Alex 087 7553834
Drama School MON, SAT PM Mel Ryan 086 8372364
French (Children) WED PM EVE Christine Gonzalez 085 7884001
Friendship club WED THU FRI AM PM Mary bartley 01 2384411
Historical Society THU EVE Mthly Evanna Kennedy 01 2889301
Irish Dancing (Child Adult) MON TUE WED PM Deirdre Fallon 086 2438118
Italian classes(Adult) WED AM Christinae Gonzalez 085 7884001
Ju - Jutsu TUE EVE John O'Leary 085 1898660
Lego (Children) MON PM Elaine Bowden 086 7809213
Little kickers (Football) SAT AM Richard 086 8261160
Maths Grinds MON, WED PM M. Brennan 01 2880742
Montessori - Fontanelles MON - FRI AM E Behan 086 0797753
Music for Kids WED, THU PM Christine Gallagher 086 8333367
Parents & Toddlers TUE WED AM A. Nolan 01 2836403
Performing Arts Sch. Child/Teens THU PM Oorla Rafter 087 6503422
Physiotherapy (HSE) TUE PM Katherine Duff 01 2366219
Pilates WED AM Gilly Taylor 086 2739391
Pilates TUE EVE Gilly Taylor 086 2739391
Pilates (Post Pregnancy) TUE AM Caroline Chambers 087 2817946
Spanish(Adult Beginners) MON AM Christine Gonzalez 085 7884001
Spanish (Children) TUE WED PM Christine Gonzalez 085 7884001
Tai Chi SAT AM Ming 086 0480137
Teen Yoga SAT PM Helena McElroy 086 1652436
Yoga TUE WED EVE AM Anna 086 3843682
Yoga - A. O'Loughlan TUE WED AM EVE A O'Loughlin 087 2888542
Yoga - M.Lister WED THU AM EVE M. Lyster 01 2884975
Yoga - M Stammers TUE THU PM M. Stammers 087 6182854
Yoga (Children) WED PM N. Kiernan 086 9177026
Yoga - N. Kiernan FRI AM N. Kiernan 086 9177026
Yoga - Pia Sala MON THU AM Pia Sala 087 9933514
Yoga - A. McNamara TUE AM Aoife McNamara 087 9319722
Zumba WED FRI AM PM Louise Heatherwick 087 6741444
Childrens Activities, Baby Massage, After School Centre, Post-Natal Pilates, Play Group, Speech & Drama, Musical Theatre, Singing, Modern Dance, Ballet for Boys & Girls Childrens Activities, Ballet for Boys & Girls,Little Kickers, Maths Tuition, French & Spanish, Taekwon Do, Irish Dancing Main Room

Make the centre yours

The community centre is available for many activities, Business meetings, classes, card games, social meetings, committee meetings, sports activities, birthday parties. We have the room to suit your needs and remember we also have a full sized sports hall and a garden for outdoor activities. As you can see from our list of activities, there is a lot happening in the centre but there is always room for more. Facilities are available on an hourly basis. The centre has disabled access to all levels, external ramps and internal lift. We have experience dealing with all age groups.
If you wish to organise a service commercial or social, and you need a space to provide it in, give us a call
Phone for details 01 2884485.